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I’m a curious UX designer with a background in user-centered product design. I’ve designed innovative products for some of the world’s biggest brands, led the User Experience Design Bootcamp at General Assembly, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design.

I enjoy the full UX process from user research to prototyping, and am happiest using all of these skills to solve meaningful problems in a variety of contexts. Bonus points for anything related to sharing knowledge, learning more about our amazing planet, or changing the world through social good. Extra bonus points for anything that involves all three.

I’m eager to learn, passionate about sharing all I know, and animate about using new technology and innovative design to help others. If you’d like to get in touch, you know what to do.

Inked Voices

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Inked Voices is an online community for writing teachers, students, and professionals to better their craft through video webinars, small critique groups, forums, and other outlets.

I served as UX Designer and Project Manager on a small team of three—alongside fellow designers Adrian Lin and Jonathan Quintuña—and was tasked with improving the user experience of Inked Voices' website. I wrote an in-depth case study of our work, which you can read on Medium.



Brooke McIntyre
Founder of Inked Voices

“Matt was a UX designer and project manager for the engagement. Matt kept me informed throughout the project and made sure my feedback was incorporated into ongoing iterations of the work. I always felt like I was in good hands. Matt was also in charge of interviewing users for the project and doing usability testing with them. We had very good participation from users and I am sure part of it was due to Matt’s professionalism and organizational skills. Matt also brought his design eye to the project, contributing to the wireframing and mockup deliverables as well. I’m very pleased to have worked with Matt and the rest of the team and am looking forward to implementing many of their recommendations.”

FECA Identity & Website

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I couldn’t help but say yes when FECA, the Foundation for Empowering Citizens with Autism, contacted me to redesign its website and identity. FECA’s goals are admirable and bold, so the foundation needed a website and identity to match.
feca-2 feca-3 I designed a responsive website to show how FECA’s new look can be translated across platforms. The punctuating puzzle piece clearly ties FECA to autism, and can be used as an easily recognizable mark in event publications and promotional materials.
feca-4 Throughout the design process, I performed user research and competitive research to ensure user goals aligned with FECA’s goals. Ultimately, FECA decided to stay with its current website, which you can visit to support the foundation’s amazing work.

Help a Refugee

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Designer-friend Renée Yang and I created Help a Refugee for FORGE, a global nonprofit that helps refugees from Africa and Southeastern Asia acclimate to new cultures. We were inspired by FORGE’s work, and wanted to create a refugee awareness campaign that was as unique and meaningful as the organization it would represent.

We designed the Help a Refugee website to allow people to easily contact and support FORGE, and created a campaign of printed artifacts that could be placed in a variety of thoughtfully chosen locations.

The artifacts fostered a personal relationship through intrigue and close interaction—rather than through force from a distance like traditional advertising campaigns—and led viewers to the Help a Refugee website.



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